Help Stop Domestic Violence And Empower Women

Posted by Cathy Russell on Cathy Russell on 08/21/2014

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Transitional Housing expected outcome is to help 98% of the women who residing in our shelter to become self-sufficiency through the services our program will make available to them.   Our goal is to get 98% of the women residing at our emergency shelter back into a career or educational training that will result in them receiving a good career.

Our goal is to make sure these women are health physically, mentally and emotional to return back into society in order to make an efficient living for themselves and their children.   Our goal is to make sure each one of our client become self-sufficiency.

Our outcome will educated women in southeastern Michigan and help them to live more productive and successful lifestyles.  To learn how to manage their financials, acquires better jobs and career for themselves and avoid repeating the cycle which lead to homelessness and domestic violence situations.

The homeless women will received permanent housing and the youth will receive permanent stability.  Resources for permanent  affordable and supportive housing will increase over the next four years for the overall homeless service.


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